Online gaming addiction in growing child’s

Addiction of games is the story of every home in today’s world

Addiction of games in not a new thing for us today and we still are searching for its solution. Recently a study has been conducted in somewhere in united states and they found that if a person plays any game continuously for 15 to 20 hours then it may cause of his death. If game can kill us then why should we have to play them. A game was created in order to reduce mind stress and feel fresh but nowadays games are played for continuous satisfaction of the winning habit which cause its addiction and then a gamer keeps playing the game until he satisfies from it which is never possible.

How to get rid of gaming habit for parents

It makes very curious for parents that their children’s had an addiction of playing mobile games or video games. In order to get rid of this parents must help their children’s motivate them to play in other interesting ground games or outdoor games. This can be done by giving them company and playing with them and create a gap between them and their mobile phones. When you succeed in it and keep it doing for couple of weeks I believe that addition of games can be stopped or at least can reduce their mobile gaming hours.

Mobile games can increase aggression level in your child

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Recently an incident happened in Canada where a boy was playing the famous game castle clash on his mobile and when his father ask him to stop playing the game and complete his dinner, he actually bites his father hand till his father’s pinky finger start bleeding very badly. This was not the first time, sources said that he has wasted 20 thousand dollars in that game already of his fathers and was keep demanding money to play that game and when his father stopped giving money then he found another way, he download the castle clash hack tool from internet and starts playing the game and this time his playing hours was tremendously increased. His father said that sometime he actually forgot to have launch and even dinner too and he was very curious about his son. these type of incidents happened many times before and this is not a first case.

How to prevent children’s and avoid these types of worst situations?

Firstly if there is no need then you don’t have to give smartphone to your child until before its appropriate age to use mobile phones. Most important is to keep talking with children’s when they have smartphones in their hand and take their words seriously specially in growing ages. If your communications are very good between you and your children’s then it would be easier to pull them out from these situation so keep communicate with children’s and make them motivate and introduce them in other interesting things. This can help your children’s and you to take care of this things.